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Engine repair service

If your engine used to purr or roar and now it sputters or stutters, bring your vehicle into our friendly experts. Let our ASE-certified master mechanics handle your engine repairs and replacement, transmission services, spark plugs, and more.

Make your engine purr like it used to

After over 42 years in business, you can rest assured that there's no one better to handle your engine repairs than our team of pros!

Our services aren't limited to engine repairs and maintenance. You can also come to us for hoses and timing belts. We'll check your alternator and other parts and replace them, if needed.

Have us handle all of your components

Without being able to shift gears correctly, you won't be going very far. Fortunately, our family-owned and operated company has plenty of experience when it comes to handling necessary transmission repairs for all makes, models, and years.

Get the service your transmission needs to operate properly

Call or stop in to get a FREE quote on engine repairs


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